A long-term, strategic project for
the cultural sphere of Ukraine

Our goal is to preserve and popularize Ukrainian mythology, include it in the national and world cultural context, and create new meanings and narratives.

The first stage of the project is the development of an educational and entertainment mobile application with augmented reality (AR) for children and teenagers. Thus, we plan to reveal the richness of Ukrainian mythology for the young generation and give them our own, Ukrainian, heroes, because now children consume mainly foreign gaming and cultural content through smartphones. In 2020, the project is being implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Our further plans call for developing a platform for research, digitalization and popularization of Ukrainian mythology in Ukraine and worldwide. This platform should ensure the creation of new cultural and ideological narratives based on mythological archetypes and spiritual heritage. We want to involve Ukrainian mythological characters in various sectors of culture, art, tourism and for the creation of a positive image of Ukraine abroad.

Every successful society
in the world, every strong state
is based on certain meanings.

These meanings underlie the collective consciousness, new generations grow up on them, they are exported and used in conflicts. These meanings are exported through strategic projects and cultural products (such as artistic images and works of art) that represent the state in the minds of foreigners. For example, SpaceX, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel Universe demonstrate the meaning of the “American dream,” when everyone can achieve whatever they want, even if it’s a flight to distant galaxies.

By creating meanings, each country seeks to show that it is unique and special. Due to the meanings, subnational entities become powerful brands over the years. And it is meanings that help to wage modern wars ― not for the territories, but for the minds of the people inhabiting them.

We want Ukraine to be perceived as a strong state with a rich history, bright culture and deep meanings that have passed through the millennia and formed an amazing and multifaceted country at the intersection of European and Asian ways and cultures. Therefore, we launched Magic World.UA project, the purpose of which is to reproduce, visualize and digitalize Ukrainian mythology and include it in the national and global cultural context. After all, Ukrainian mythology is one of the richest in the world: according to the scientist Serhii Plachynda, ancient Ukrainian mythology was the basis for the mythology of all Indo-European peoples.

Is to use the potential of Ukrainian mythology
for the development of cultural products,
strengthening of Ukraine's brand
and its promotion in the world.

  • To make mythology interesting and clear to new generations by using the creative work of talented writers, illustrators, 3D designers and animators, as well as innovation and digital technology.
  • To save Ukrainian mythology for future generations and include Ukrainian mythical characters, symbols and plots in the national and international cultural context.
  • To promote the ideological unification of society, acting as a reminder of the common ancient roots for adults and creating a single paradigm of worldview through the prism of empathy and imitation of mythical heroes common to different parts of the country for children.

For the first time in the history of Ukraine,
we carry out a comprehensive visualization
and digitalization of the heroes
of Ukrainian mythology.

Magic World.UA is a unique project, because we will “make alive” Ukrainian mythical characters that previously lived only in the collective consciousness or in the pages of old books. Our mobile platform, 3D-visualization, augmented reality and edutainment methodology will let us make them modern, friendly and almost real.

Our mobile application using the methodology of edutainment will allow children and youth to study Ukrainian mythology in the most convenient (organic) way of consuming content. The augmented reality (AR) technology is an innovative approach to edutainment projects in Ukraine, and visualized and digitized characters will be the basis for collaboration with other projects and creative communities.

How we created the Magic World
of Ukrainian mythology.

For the first stage of the project, we have selected 20 mythical characters. While selecting, we applied a number of criteria, including scientific certainty, suitability for demonstration to children, ability to be included in the modern cultural context and “competitive capacity” compared to foreign mythical and book characters that are popular among children.

We also balanced the characters in different spheres of mythology, gender, age, and regions and structured them according to archetypes (according to Carl Jung and Carol Pearson). We also applied the Hero’s Journey scheme (by Joseph Campbell) to form a comprehensive world and an interesting story for the audience of the project.

Our creative team of illustrators and copywriters carried out a thorough work with each character. They studied ethnographic sources and creatively adapted and developed them.

Thus, we have created Magic World where 20 mythical characters play their unique roles and tell their educative stories for the users to discover Ukrainian mythology.

Direct speech

Opinion leaders about Magic World

We started Magic World.UA Project in 2015 because we saw a problem: despite the fact that Ukrainian mythology is one of the richest in the world, its characters are almost not visualized, little-known and are out of the modern cultural context.
- Nik Lysytskyi, project initiator
Each nation needs its own Magic World with myths and characters to bring up its future generation. The mythology is interesting and does not impose anything, but at the same time it teaches you to love your country. This is exactly our format.
- Svitlana Romanenko, Copywriter
Our team

We create Magic World