Perun is perhaps one of the most famous ancient Slavic gods.

He is the god of thunder and lightning, war and peace, and the patron saint of the prince’s armed force in Kyiv. Perun rides a chariot drawn by two horses among the clouds and hunts evil spirits with the help of lightning weapon.

People swore by Perun’s name when going to war and concluding state agreements. It is known that common folk swore by the name of Veles, and the Kyiv prince and his armed force swore by the name of Perun.

Strong and brave, armed with lightning and thunder, Perun is the first Slavic “superhero”. His superpowers and combat features make Perun an extremely attractive character for comics and science fiction films.

His Scandinavian counterpart Thor has already conquered the Marvel Universe and integrated Scandinavian mythology into its narrative. Slavic mythology is just waiting for its finest hour, and we hope that Perun will take an appropriate place among the mythological superheroes of the whole world, like his “colleagues” from other pantheons.

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