The Magic world
of Ukrainian mythology
in your smartphone


Mobile app
with augmented reality!

Learning Ukrainian mythology has never been so interesting. Have fun, learn and meet mythical characters in augmented reality.

Magic World.UA mobile app is the first shot of the project aimed at preserving and promoting Ukrainian mythology in Ukraine and abroad.

The app is designed primarily for children and teenagers between 8 and 13 years old, but is sure to captivate adults as well.

20 mythological characters will “come to life” thanks to augmented reality technology. But first you need to listen to their stories, learn about the traditions and beliefs of Ukrainians and pass a series of quizzes. All these is wrapped in such a bright and modern “packaging” that learning will become a real pleasure.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Mobile App


Ukrainian mythology for children and their parents

Diverse characters

Ancient Ukrainian gods, mythical creatures and fairy-tale characters – you will definitely find ``your`` hero here.

Authentic mythology

The app was created based on the Ukrainian legends, fairy tales and myths.

Bright visual

Modern visualization of mythical characters by talented illustrators.

Mobile App

Interesting quizzes

Three types of quizzes to test how attentive and quick you are.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality technology allows to ``animate`` the mythical character.

The best voices from the movies

The characters of Magic World are voiced by famous Ukrainian actors.

Educational and entertaining mobile app

Bright, interesting and informative app with 20 characters of Ukrainian myths ― that’s the perfect option for “smart” entertainment.

Magic World Reviews

It’s a very interesting project that allows us to get closer to the world of spirits, myths, and fairy-tale characters and thus enrich our emotions and lives.
- Mykhailo Voichuk, Honored Artist of Ukraine
I want people not only to know about the mythical characters, but also to hear, see and understand that we have no right to lose our mythology. Because our people, their souls, and their depth are made of it. And as long as we preserve what is unique only to our people we save ourselves.
- Petro Maha, People's Artist of Ukraine
It’s a wonderful app that will be extremely useful for Ukraine. Great work that is relevant and in demand. Thanks for the great idea!
- Artem Kuzmenko