The characters of Ukrainian mythology will speak with the voices of famous Ukrainian actors.

Famous actors, whose voices we usually hear when watching Hollywood films in Ukrainian dubbing, have voiced the mythological characters of Magic World.UA (Чарівний світ.UA in Ukrainian) mobile app.

The following actors have joined the project:

  • Honored Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Voichuk (Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Shrek, Panda Kung Fu, Madagascar)
  • Honored Artist of Ukraine Borys Heorhievskyi (The Chronicles of Narnia, James Bond, Transformers, The Avengers, Aladdin, Ratatouille, Toy Story)
  • Olha Radchuk (Game of Thrones, The Magnificent Century, Miss Congeniality)
  • poet, actor and TV presenter, People’s Artist of Ukraine Petro Maha,
    and other famous actors.

The mythical characters of the app include the god of thunder and lightning Perun, the Carpathian character Chuhaister, the Donbas underground spirit Shubin, such fairy-tale characters as Oh and Mare Head and others.

It’s a very interesting project that allows you to get closer to the world of spirits, myths, fairy-tale characters and thus enrich your emotions and your lifeMikhailo Voichuk